Acupressure Program

Acupressure Training Grandville MI

Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique that is similar in principle to acupuncture.

The main concept of acupressure is life energy; this is an energy that flows through meridians in the body. During treatment, physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points. This pressure helps to clear blockages in these meridians. The therapist applies pressure using their hands, elbows, or with various devices.

Several medical studies have suggested that acupressure is effective in helping to manage nausea, reduce lower back pain, help with tension headaches, soothe stomach aches, and much more.

Acupressure therapy developed over 5,000 years ago. It is a tried and true method of natural healing that is not very common in the Western culture.

Acupressure can improve blood flow, release tension, and unblock life-energy, known in China as ‘Qi’. Energy is able to flow more freely through the meridians with this type of release, promoting relaxation and healing. Many patients find restoration of proper function within their bodies following treatment.

The Academy of Alternative Healing Arts offers an exceptional acupressure and massage therapy program. Founder, Raymond Wan, has designed a program that is highly reputable. Students who complete this program feel confident, encouraged, and inspired as they begin their careers. As a licensed massage therapist, you’re going to be caring for individuals and healing with your own hands. Don’t just trust any program out there, trust a well-known, reputable, accredited program such as this one.

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